Get the Children of Britain Learning Again!

As Scotland prepares for the return of pupils from their summer break, Union Blue wholly supports the Government’s position on the return of English schools in September.

For the last few weeks, lots of activities have resumed with enhanced cleaning with antiviral products, social distancing and many other COVID secure processes and procedures. Much of this was developed and implemented well before they re-opened. The opening of English schools has been debated for weeks and many have already developed great measures to ensure pupils, staff and visitors are safe.

Richard Short, Director of Union Blue, who is a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner with many years of experience in dealing with outbreaks of infectious disease told Union Blue;

“In every outbreak, I have dealt with it has been vital to implementing secure, hygienic and lasting processes to stop the infection in its tracks. I’ve seen many businesses open to the public that do just that. Schools are in a unique position where controls can be implemented to a much higher degree and be a very safe environment for learning. Schools are ready and should open as planned for the sake of our children’s education this country’s future prosperity.”

In solidarity with Union Blue and the Government, the Director of Conservative Friends of Education (Stephen James) added;

“We are morally obligated to make sure that the children of the UK return to school and resume their formal education as quickly and as safely as possible – every day of learning that young people miss, increases the attainment gap especially amongst our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Conservative Friends of Education fully supports Union Blue’s desire to get the children of Britain learning again.”

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