Working Together to Improve Yours & Your Family’s Life

Britain should be a country that works for everyone

We should create a meritocratic and fair society where everyone has life chances. Where statistics show that certain groups are not succeeding then the reasons for this should be discovered and remedies put in place.

Workers create wealth for their families & communities

Every worker contributes to the success of our economy. Each worker is often creative in their own way and helps to make this country wealthier. We celebrate this. We should let workers know that we value their contribution and want to help them to contribute more.

Workers deserve fulfilment & health across their lives

People spend a lot of time at work. They should enjoy their job and feel able to progress in the direction they want. People should also be able to own a house, feel like they provide for their family and not have to worry about the cost of living, job security or health.

Businesses, workers and Government all have responsibility to improve productivity

As we leave the EU raising productivity and the skill levels of our workforce is going to become a crucial policy area. Raising productivity is the responsibility of all of us and we should all work together to improve it.

Society should always value and support hard working people

Businesses have a duty towards those they employ and a part of the social contract is that they fulfill that duty – being legally complaint is not always enough. Employment rights should be respected and workers receive a fair wage.

There should be a constructive working relationship between the Conservatives and Trade Unions.

The Conservative party has long believed in the value to society of moderate and responsible trade unionism. Having party members involved in their own union will give unions a more responsible outlook and show unionists that Conservatives are the party for workers. We will promote a more positive and accurate impression of responsible trade unionism within Conservatism.

A story of Decline, Realignment, and Perhaps Now Resurgence?

Trade Unions and the Social Dialogue in the UK - Transcript of a speech delivered by Dr Spencer Pitfield OBE at the Trade Unions Conference in Rome - October 2021 Social Dialogue, in its simplest form, is defined as including all types of negotiation and consultation. To be put more simply though, and in the

Rightless Workers

Fingers and toes tightly crossed it looks like we are finally exiting the coronavirus lockdown once and for all. We’ve been here before but this time, with the vaccine roll out, we have room for optimism. Probably more than most, I’ve seen all sides of the pandemic. As an Environmental Health Practitioner, experienced in public

Open Letter to the SofS for Education

Dear Mr. Williamson   How often have we heard that these are unprecedented times. Sacrifices have been made, lives have been turned upside down and decisions have been made which would have been unthinkable at the beginning of the year. But slowly we are getting back to some normality and in time the necessary measures