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Dr Spencer Pitfield OBE – Director
Mr Richard Short – Director
Mr Frank Shivers – Director
Mr Stephen James –  Director
Mr David Angell –  Director

A story of Decline, Realignment, and Perhaps Now Resurgence?

Trade Unions and the Social Dialogue in the UK - Transcript of a speech delivered by Dr Spencer Pitfield OBE at the Trade Unions Conference in Rome - October 2021 Social Dialogue, in its simplest form, is defined as including all types of negotiation and consultation. To be put more simply though, and in the

Rightless Workers

Fingers and toes tightly crossed it looks like we are finally exiting the coronavirus lockdown once and for all. We’ve been here before but this time, with the vaccine roll out, we have room for optimism. Probably more than most, I’ve seen all sides of the pandemic. As an Environmental Health Practitioner, experienced in public

Open Letter to the SofS for Education

Dear Mr. Williamson   How often have we heard that these are unprecedented times. Sacrifices have been made, lives have been turned upside down and decisions have been made which would have been unthinkable at the beginning of the year. But slowly we are getting back to some normality and in time the necessary measures